Null point Zine A6 back editions

Null point Zine A6 back editions

A bi-monthly concept zine here you can get the back issues on previous topics.

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The Null Point manifesto:

This is not about you, this is about your idea. This is not about your name, this is about the idea. This is not about profit, it is about an idea.

Null Point is a bi-monthly print edition Zine which makes no profit and costs the creator their time and money to produce, it is the intellectual equivalent of buying a cup of coffee, having your nails done or reading a tabloid news paper.

Null Point will never be printed in more than 500 copies per issue.

Null Point is not for sale nor will it advertise. The work put into it is purely for expression, it is a black and white howl into a hurricane, a scream at the sea and a yell at concrete.

By submitting work for publication into Null Point you resend all rights to it. It will be published under a pseudonym or no name at all and will become property of no one and everyone.

Null Point was started as nothing, as an idea for expressing, for creating work and publishing into the world which is saturated with messages and slogans, photos and art; which is paid for but says nothing.

Everything within an issue says something, something about its creator, their situation and their thoughts and feelings on their world at hand. However at the same time they are unknown, they are hidden and so the message is unattached and interpretative allowing it to be accessible for all.

You may hate it, you may love it but in the end it is just what it is, an expression, a null point.

This item is priced to match the cost of the second class stamp it will take to get to you and the envelope it is shipped in. Zero profit is made.